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Coolawarra Alpacas

471 Woodlands Road,MITTAGONG NSW 2575

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We Export Worldwide!

Alpaca International Australia Pty Ltd, Coolawarra's export and management company arm are:

  • Experienced exporters since 1998.

  • Exporters to New Zealand, South Africa, China, UK and mainland Europe

  • A full on-farm quarantine facility custom made for small quantities of alpaca only with careful adherence to hygiene and freedom from overcrowding, with comprehensive livestock export service from departure to destination.

  • Alpaca International Australia Pty Ltd is located at Coolawarra, Mittagong NSW. Contact us.

From our farm gate to your farm gate all protocols, permits, quarantine and transport is handled with efficient eye always to the well being of the livestock and its excellence of health on arrival. 

Suppliers of Championship seed-stock Genetics

Coolawarra’s high quality of seed or plantel breeding stock, or that of her partner studs, or daughter studs has ensured that a steady flow of alpacas has gone into founding Alpaca industries around the world. Limited small quantities of championship alpacas are released each year for export. Genetic excellence, pedigree records and adherence to the National Health Assurance in which Coolawarra holds the highest clearance, MN3 Status, keeps the stock keenly sort after.

Experienced exporters for over a decade Coolawarra’s on-farm facility allows for convenient movement of stock overseas given protocols of the importing country are in place. The stud works with strict adherence to international protocols should animals go via quarantining facilities offshore or in Australia, under supervision of the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS). 

All stock exported from Coolawarra are pre-screened according the US National Screening regulations and whilst various screening criteria may differ to some degree from country to country this historically has ensured all alpacas meet registration criteria. 

For further information please contact us.