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LogoCoolawarra's Alpaca Introductory & Reproduction Workshops

Coolawarra and their clients are renown worldwide for the pioneering role they have played in the ongoing development of the alpaca through harnessing scientific and cutting edge technology.


They share their knowledge through introductory workshops for new breeders as well as more fleece oriented workshops and seminars.


Janie Hicks:

Dr Ian Davison:

Principal Coolawarra, Breeding Alpacas since 1988, US Judge

Past President Australian Alpaca Association

History of learning, training, debate and fun:

Since 1996 Coolawarra have captivated and inspired enthusiastic debate at their annual workshops on adopting SRS© principals and advanced breeding techniques, attracting interested participants from as far afield as Peru, US, Canada, Europe and South Africa. Host studs and alpaca associations alike have invited Janie to speak on breeding topics ranging from NSW Association New Breeders Workshops on the East Coast to the West Australian South West Region Association breeders. With Jim Watts she has presented workshops in Victoria, at Acheron Valley Alpacas, courtesy of Brian and Jenny Worcester, and George and Loy Rose, Rosemount Alpaca Stud, North NSW & Queensland. Canada's Alpaca Association invited Janie to run a short workshop in 1999 as part of their National Conference, and she returned there in 2001, to do what had become a highly popular two day workshop, as guests of Hans, Karin Kristen and Bob Buhrman at Mountain Meadow Alpacas.

Thanks to the generosity of Therese and Heinz Kuhne-Pfaff, Lechfield Alpacas in 2001, she presented a similar workshop in Germany. Later in the UK, Michael Brooke and Susan Brooke, and John Gaye, Alpacas of Wessex, hosted workshops with Janie following their importation of Coolawarra animals. More recently in November 2008, in Switzerland with their European partners, Nyree Wright and Markus Bischofberger, Alpaka Appenzell hosted a well attended Coolawarra Advanced Production & Breeding workshop and participant feedback was enthusiastic and full of progressive discussion.

Research in Peru

Janie and her family, spent 10 months in Peru in 2001, on a research project working in collaboration with Dr Jim Watts, and her experience there and her family's affection for the people who breed the alpaca in the Peruvian Altiplano has been a driving force behind the direction the stud has taken since. Conclusions (see document) of this study has been widely published.  The knowledge she gained there further endorses the depth of information available to clients when they visit Coolawarra or attend a workshop or seminar presentation. 

Embryo Transfer

Harnessed with some 18 years of breeding the stud, in 2003 gratefully embraced the research work of Doctor David Hopkin and Dr Jane Vaughan with the first embryo transfer cria arriving in 2004/5. 

Nutrition and Reproduction and Animal Health Management 

Dr Vaughan has assisted Coolawarra with advice in many areas, namely reproduction but it has also extended to nutrition and other areas of animal health.   

It is these areas that Coolawarra invites you to participate when you attend a Coolawarra training programme at the stud and learn about how to make your own stud development, an exciting journey of breeding, of caring for a unique and rare animal, to run, as a business or for pleasure, on your own farm.    

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